About Brandy

I graduated from Denton High School in Denton, Texas in 1994 and received an A.S. in Elementary Education from Sheridan College, Gillette Campus in Gillette, WY in May 2006. I have taken coursework in Graphic Design and studied Game Art & Design through the Art Institute Online. I have spent more than 7 years teaching catechism classes to children and have spent a few years as a facilitator for RCIA, as well.

I am a current member of St. Pius X Catholic Church in Dallas, Texas and am a past member of both the Apostolate for Family Consecration and the Legion of Mary. I maintain a blog called Everyday Catholic.

I learned to read for the first time at age 4 while attending First Baptist Preschool in Denton, Texas. I haven’t stopped reading since. Writing is a natural off-shoot of reading.

I wrote my first book for a NaNoWriMo competition and have since gone on to write several more through that program. Being able to write a novel in 30 days allowed me to take the knowledge I’d acquired from that process and publish that first book.

I didn’t actually intend to publish the manuscript for How to Write an eBook in 40 Days (or less). I intended to use it as means of attracting clients to the business I was running with my husband, Creative Technology Services. However, a friend of mine who saw the link to it and was interested in starting a publishing company of his own asked if he could publish it for me, and I agreed.

Publishing that book and getting those first positive reviews really encouraged me to continue. I started a writers group in Elko, Nevada where I was living at the time. Inspired to encourage them on their journey, I published the next two books. Creating a Character Backstory published through the same publisher. However, I was not happy with the service I was receiving. Or, just as importantly, the service I was not receiving.

I took it upon myself to self-publish The Write Time. I learned a lot in that process and eventually helped my writers group to publish an anthology in attempt to raise funds for the club to become an official non-profit. We did raise funds, just not quite enough to accomplish our goal. But for those writers, the book signing I arranged for them was a powerful affirming experience that encouraged them to continue the journey.

Of the 20-25 members that eventually joined my group, 5 of them went on to publish their books.

Dragon’s Destiny by Heather Kennison

Crazy Ladies on a Bus by Kathryn Bales

Alex’s Tales in the Magical Adventure by Keenan Knight

My Mischievous Mother by Martha Knight

Finding Your First Apartment by Connie Jones

Seeing the difference that it made in the lives of these men and women ignited a passion in me to make that same difference in the lives of other people. I was hooked on the empowering feeling of being able to change lives using my gift as a writer.

Eventually, we left Elko to move back to Texas so we could be closer to my son. It’s been a somewhat challenging experience, but it was in the middle of the challenges we faced that I made a commitment to dedicate my life to helping other people share their stories. And that’s exactly what I am now doing.