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Brandy M. Miller loves to speak in front of audiences. She has been entertaining large audiences since childhood, and has years of experience educating classes that range from 12 to 40 students. If you would like to have Brandy speak at your event, here is what you should know.

It Starts with a Free Consultation

A one hour consultation is required before Brandy will consider booking your engagement. This one hour lets Brandy understand the needs of your event, the audience, and the resources required to provide the service you desire. It also allows her to determine what travel arrangements will need to be made and the amount of time that will be involved in preparing for your event. It costs you nothing to explore the possibility of bringing author Brandy M. Miller to your event.

Prices Are Based on Individual Needs

There is no one price model that fits all circumstances. What you need, how many people you intend to serve, how far I must go in order to be there, and the extent of the services you would like me to provide will all go into the pricing determination.

Questions to Consider for Your Appointment

    When do you need Brandy there?
    How long will your event be?
    How many people do you anticipate attending the event?
    What would you like for Brandy to do while she is there?
    How long will you want or need Brandy to speak?
    What topic or topics would you like Brandy to cover?
    Will there be an opportunity for Brandy to sell her books or other materials at the event?
    Where is the event in relationship to where Brandy is now?
    Are you willing to cover her transportation costs?
    Do you have an agenda for the event or would you like for her to establish the agenda?

Payment Options

The payment options that are available for you, again, depend on the type of event that you are planning to host and the role that you would like Brandy to play in your event. She has event planning experience and can help you with many of the aspects of marketing and planning the event to ensure it is a success.

International Travel Available

Although Brandy is based in the United States, she does have a valid passport and is more than happy to travel to your event. International travel does require transportation and lodging to be included. Just let her know up front that this will be part of the plan.

Details & Payment
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