If you came to my website looking for my books, this is the place to be. Here are links and descriptions of all my currently published works as well as information about my upcoming projects.

How to Write an eBook in 40 Days (or less)

This is the book that started it all. It’s the first book I ever published. It’s designed for the beginning writer. It has lots of positive encouragement in it, so if you want a book that will be your own personal cheerleader, this is the book for you. It’s light on actual how-to steps, though, so if you need more specific guidance, it’s not the right book for you. I am working on an update to this title that has more step-by-step along with the cheerleading, so if you’re wondering whether or not to buy it, just keep that in mind.

You can purchase it in paperback for $14.97 or in eBook format for $3.97.

Creating a Character Backstory

This was written to meet the need of authors who want to get in touch with their characters and start to think about who they are as people and what motivates them to do the things they do. The book goes through backstory creation with a story-minded approach, taking on 20 different areas of life. There is good content here, and it is worth buying, but I am also working on a new version of the title that is based on all the things I’ve learned since i wrote the first one.

You can purchase it in paperback for $14.97 or in eBook format for $3.97. You can download a free sample here

The Write Time: How to find all the time you need to write a book

Shortly after starting my writer’s group in January 2013, I realized that a common problem they all shared was the struggle to find the time they needed to write their books. This inspired me to write down 20 lessons on managing time for writers. It’s ultimately not about adding more things to your list of to-do’s, but about focusing your energy on priorities so you can get more done with less effort on your part and less stress in your life.

You can purchase it in paperback for $14.97 or in eBook format for $4.99. You can download a free sample here.

The Poverty Diaries: Excerpts from the diaries of someone who’s been there

This is about finding hope in the middle of some of the darkest places of life, when you feel lost, alone, and afraid. It’s about struggling to connect with God and keep your dignity when everything’s going wrong and the light in your life has narrowed to a thin, small pinprick shining in the darkness. It’s about the day-to-day struggle of maintaining your positive attitude in the face of so much negative you can hardly think straight. It’s not a rags-to-riches tale, but a tale of finding peace and hope when you have nothing but rags to wear.

You can purchase it in paperback for $14.95 or in eBook format for $4.95. Free samples are coming soon.

The Secret of the Lantern: A choose-your-path adventure for Catholic kids

This book was one I originally wrote for my religious education students. I wanted them to see that the gospel messages that form the mysteries of the rosary apply directly to every challenge they face in life. The Rosary is the compass that will help them safely navigate the treacherous waters of life’s many choices to be sure that they make choices that will lead them to genuine love and authentic hope by holding fast to the Truth.

You can purchase it in paperback format for $8.95 or in eBook format for $2.99. Free samples are coming soon.

7 Steps to Change Your Life & the World

I recently wrote this book because I saw so many people struggling to find hope in the world. So many people seem to feel that they are powerless to make positive change happen in this world and I wanted them to see that this just isn’t true. I wanted them to know that the power to make change happen is already in their hands. They can make a positive difference in the world just by choosing to serve other people out of love.

You can purchase it in eBook format for only $2.99. I don’t yet have the print version out, but it is coming soon. Free samples are coming soon.