Referral By Client

Thank you for visiting 40 day writer. I am honored that a client of mine has referred you to me, and equally honored to have the opportunity to serve you. Here are a few things you should know about working with me:

Your Story and Your Experience Will Be As Unique as You Are

I have a few basic questions that are the same for everyone. However, past those 5 starting questions, everything that happens between us will unfold based on how you respond to the questions I ask you. This is your story. It is not like anyone else’s story. That is what makes it worth telling, and that is the beauty of working with you to find that story.

You Are Buying More Than a Book

When you work with me, we are not just working together to tell your story or to create a book. We are working to understand you, to make sense of the events that have happened to you, and to give you a new perspective on the people that are involved in that story. We will work together to help you see your life in a whole new light so that when you are finished, you will be empowered to help your readers understand their own lives better.

This Is an Investment

Whether you desire to build a business or a ministry or you are just looking to share your story with someone, the time we spend together is an investment in that future. There is so much more you can do with your story than just write a book. This story is your key to unlocking speaking engagements, television appearances, radio interviews and more. It can become the cornerstone of a powerful business built on helping people change their lives.

It Won’t Be Cheap

My fees aren’t cheap. But they are worth it. I do offer payment arrangements if you need them, but I take my work seriously and my prices reflect the love that I pour into every project.

I May Not Be the Best Fit For You

Although I am honored that you were referred, I will be honest. There are some stories I am not best suited to tell. I will need to meet you for an hour to be sure that the arrangement is agreeable to both of us. If I do not feel I am the best person for your story, I will look for you and see about helping you find someone who is equally talented but better suited for your needs.

Contact Me to Schedule Your Interview

If you would like to get started, my help is only an email away. Contact me at or by phone at 720-593-9748. In the subject line, please put [REFERRAL] followed by the name of the person who referred you to me so that I can properly thank them. Let me know the best time and your preferred method of contact along with your contact information.