Jump Start Your Story

Author Heather Kennison TestimonialYou know you have a book in you, but you’ve been struggling to get it out. You just can’t seem to figure out where to begin. Maybe it’s your life story. Maybe it’s the fiction book you’ve been dreaming of writing. Maybe it’s a non-fiction book that’s going to change the world. Whatever it is, 40DayWriter.com is here to help.

One Hour Is All It Takes

In just one hour, I can help you clarify the big idea behind your book, break that idea down into a simple-to-follow 5-act formula that allows you to visualize the action as if it were a television or movie, and even start filling in some of the details of your story. It’s like getting a road map you can take with you during the writing process.

Focusing the Creative Flow

If you’re like a lot of writers, you prefer to write from a creative flow. This process is in no way designed to get in the way of that flow. It will simply help you focus that creative energy in a single direction so you can get where you want to go faster and more efficiently than you’ve been able to get there on your own.

Pinpoint Your Ideal Audience

During this session, we’ll identify not only the story you want to tell but the audience it is ideally suited to serve so that you can begin to make plans for developing the connections that will help you take your book sales to the next level. You’ll also have an idea of how to craft your message for the greatest impact on that audience.

Jumpstart Session – $100

The jumpstart session by itself is useful. It will give you clarity. It will help you to think through and develop the ideas that will make writing that book much easier than if you were to work it without a plan.

Jumpstart Session Deluxe – Add $25 ($125)

You’ll get the Jumpstart Session PLUS I’ll create a single page synopsis for you that you can either use for the back of your book or can start using to promote your book.

Jumpstart Session Platinum – Add $50 ($150)

You’ll get the Jumpstart Session plus the Single Page Synopsis AND A Single Page Bio you can use in the back of the book, for press releases, and media outlets. PLUS I’ll throw in a checklist of all the things you’ll want to include in that self-published manuscript to be sure you’re maximizing your return on investment. It’s all here.