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Creating a Character Backstory Character Sheets


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If you’ve purchased a copy of Creating a Character Backstory, you were promised free character sheets for you to use. The link in your book most likely does not work anymore. We’ve changed things around a bit on the site, but I want to be sure you can still find the items you were promised.

You Have My Permission

1) To download and print as many of these as you need for your own personal use.
2) To use them to create characters for as many books as you want to create.
3) To share your filled out character sheets with your audience provided that you give me credit for the character sheets themselves and a link back to my site.
4) To compile a book of these completed character sheets and sell that item to your fans. All that I ask is you give me credit for the character sheets, mention Creating a Character Backstory as the source of the character backstory information, and provide a link to this website in your book.
5) To give an honest review of the book and the character sheets on your blog or website.
6) To create a video or blog post that shows people how you use the book and/or the character sheets to build your characters and to share this with other people.

You Do NOT Have My Permission

1) To sell these character sheets to other people. You got them for free, don’t be a jerk and charge for them.
2) To host them on your own site in order to drive traffic to your site. If you think people should have them, direct them to my site to get them. It’s just common courtesy.
3) To take credit for their creation. That’s called plagiarism. It’s not just rude. It’s also illegal.
4) To build a workshop around them without including me in the money you make or the opportunity to present. I don’t mind you making a living off my work, I would just like an equal opportunity to benefit from it as well.
5) To use my stuff without letting me know. If you use what I provide and you gain from it, I get excited about that. I want to know so I can talk about the book you’re writing, the project you’re creating, or the product you’re developing.
6) To alter the character sheets in any way other than to fill them in. If you want character sheets that are tailor made for a project or a book you have in mind, talk to me. We can create something specific to your needs and in the process a product that can benefit us both.


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