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Creating a Character Backstory eBook

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Same great content, lower price

Streamlined for Kindle users, Creating a Character Backstory eBook provides the same content as the paperback book, but does not provide room for the exercises.   Purchase and download your copy from Amazon by clicking the button below.

No Kindle required

Although I show the book on a kindle, and the ebook is available exclusively through Amazon, you do not need to have a kindle to be able to read it from your eBook reader or desktop computer. For desktop or laptop users, simply install the kindle emulator provided by Amazon and you will be able to read it.  Amazon also provides a free Kindle Reading App which allows you to read it on other devices.

Help creating believable characters

One of the main areas that many beginning fiction writers struggle with is creating believable characters, characters that are so real they continue to live on in the imaginations of the readers and drive them to demand more of the story.  This is the book that will help you create characters that people love, and characters that people love to hate.

Get inside the heads of your characters

Figure out why they do what they do, what motivates and inspires them, what frightens and intimidates them.  Understand what they believe and why they believe it, and how those beliefs impact the choices and decisions they make along the way.

Meet the people that shape and guide them

Friends, family, enemies, past and present lovers, spouses, children, and others – they all influence your character. This book will help you to define those relationships and explain why those relationships are the way they are now and how that affects your character.  It will give you resources to pull from when you hit writer’s block and can inspire you to create new books based on these characters.

Stories you can use, or share

The stories that you create can be used in your current book or saved for another. You can use them to entice potential fans, or give impatient readers something to chew on while you’re working out the details of the next one. It’s up to you what you want to do and how you want to use them.  You can hide them away, or use them to develop your email list by offering them as a free download to people who sign up to be on your email list. It’s up to you what you choose to do.

A terrific value you can use over and over again

Creating a character backstory is the kind of book you will use over and over again as you work to develop new books and write new stories. At just $3.97 it’s an unbelievable bargain.


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