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Creating a Character Backstory: Free Sample


Get free help creating believable characters with these free sample chapters from Creating a Character Backstory.

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These five chapters will help you dive into the backstory behind your characters so you can get to work building believable characters today. Contents included:

  • Discovering the purpose of your character
  • Deciding on the big problem your character faces
  • Answering the question of who they are
  • Creating their belief system and how they respond to it
  • Working through a day in their life – the life they had before the story begins

Overcome writer’s block

One of the reasons a writer gets writer’s block is that they haven’t spent enough time getting to know their characters. They don’t really understand who they are, or what motivates them.  Taking the time to go through these exercises allows you to get to know them better, to understand why they do what they do, and to give them a unique voice that will stand out from everyone else. It’s a powerful writing tool that will not only improve your writing but inspire it.

Find inspiration

You’ll be surprised how much digging into a character’s history can provide inspiration not only for this story, but for other stories on down the road. You might discover there’s a whole series of books ready for you inside the life of one of your characters.

Avoid 2D characters

One of the most irritating things for mature readers is the 2-dimensional character. Villains who are evil simply because they are evil do not feel real. Heroes who are always heroic and have no flaws do not feel real.  When you work through these exercises, you’ll begin to get insight into what motivates and moves them, so you can create characters that feel as real as you are.

Create scenes you can use now

As you work through these exercises, you will come up with information and scenes you can use in your story right away. Rather than simply put the information on paper, you’re going to write about these events and the impact they have on your character’s life. It’s the best way to imagine what it was like, and it gives you material you can use to flesh out your story.  If you decide the material doesn’t fit in your current story, you don’t have to share them.

Use them to build your fan base

When you’re ready to start marketing, you can use the stories you didn’t include in your book to entice fans to trade their email address and join your mailing list. It’s a marketing ploy that shows them whole new sides of characters they’ve come to know and love, or love to hate.  It’s one way to get more mileage out of the work you are doing now.

Character sheets included

You can use the included character sheets as you go along, keeping track of your progress in creating your character. Print off multiple copies of your character sheets and keep them with your writing for quick reference.


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