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Creating a Character Backstory Paperback

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How to create believable backstories for characters that live on the page.

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Creating believable characters involves creating an entire life for them from scratch. This book is designed to help you dive into the work involved in creating that life and making it so real that you feel as if you’ve lived it.

The bigger picture

While the stories you create about your character may never make it into the book you’re writing now, they can become inspiration for future books.  Creating a backstory is about looking at the bigger picture of who your character is and how they interact with the world around them.

The role they play

Every character has a job to do in your story, and this book will help you figure out which role to assign them, what those roles do, and how they make your story better.

Their goals and motivations

What does your character want and why do they want it? It’s easier to understand a character when you have the answer to those questions, and this book will help you find them.

Their skills and talents

What are they good at doing? What talents do they have that they know, and which do they have that they haven’t even tapped into yet? Knowing these things will help you get them out of (and into!) a crisis when the moment is right.

A day in the life

What does their typical day look like? What kind of job do they hold, what kind of life do they lead? Are they a “work until 5 and party until midnight” personality or a quiet, stay-at-home-and-plot-the-demise-of-the-world kind of person? It’s up to you, and this book will help you make those decisions.

Faith and religion

What does your character believe about how the world came to be and how do they live out that belief? You’ll answer these questions for yourself so that when the time comes, you can answer it for your readers.

Friends, enemies, lovers, and others

Your character’s life is heavily influenced by the people that are part of it.  You’ll explore the relationships between their friends, their enemies, their family, and their lovers as you write out short scenes that depict their interactions.

Uncover the secrets

What secrets are they keeping, and who knows secrets about them that even they don’t know about themselves? Secrets are the lifeblood of conflict, and this book will help you create those ahead of time so you know what lies ahead.

Share them as you write them

Clever book marketing begins with making people care about these characters and their world. Share the stories you create with your readers, and draw them into the world you are building.


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