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The Poverty Diaries: Paperback

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One Woman’s Journey

This is about one woman’s struggle to rise up and out of the poverty she faces.

With Faith, Humor, and Introspection

The book could be called a cross between Linda Tirado’s Hand-to-Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America and Barbara Ehrenreich’s Nickle and Dimed, but with faith, humor, introspection, and far less anger, bitterness, and superiority.

It’s Not What You Think

This isn’t guess work on what drives poverty told by someone on the outside looking in, but the real life diaries of someone who is living it and her efforts to figure out how to escape it.

A Peek Inside

“So, here I am. It has taken me four years to work up the courage to be seen and to be known in this kind of public way.  It has taken me four years, and running out of every other option available, to be willing take the risk of exposing my true nature to the eyes of a world that may not understand or accept the gift.  Yet I know that this is the only way forward and the only way up: to allow myself to be known so that I can finally allow myself to truly be loved.”

A No-Holds-Barred Invitation

This isn’t just a book. It’s an invitation to join the author in exploring her wounds and weaknesses, flaws and the failures, and to see how those forces combine to create the life she lives. You’ll also walk with her as she struggles to break free of those limitations to make her way forward and find a path out of the deep, dark hole that drives poverty.

A Challenge to Change

The Poverty Diaries challenges the notion that poverty is about money, or that the solutions to it come from increases in government spending on welfare programs. This is about challenging those assumptions so that we can begin asking the right questions and finding lasting solutions to a real problem that affects us as individuals, communities, nations, and as a world so that lasting change becomes possible.

A Great Way to Start Your New Year

If your book club is talking about the right book to start the new year’s, The Poverty Diaries is a great selection. It’ll have your book club discussing faith, hope, and charity on new levels in no time. Inspire your friends to become part of long-term change in the world around you, and start today.  Order a copy for yourself and a copy for a friend.



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