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The Write Time 120 Day Time Journal

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If you have purchased a copy of The Write Time, you were promised a gift. You were promised a free 120 Day Time Journal. This is your opportunity to receive a PDF version of that time journal for your use.

You Have My Permission

1) To download one free copy of this journal for your personal use.
2) To share your journal entries on your blog, your social media site, or in a video and to talk about your experience with the journal provided that you give credit to The Write Time for the journal and link back to this website in return.
3) To give an honest review of what using the journal was like for you.
4) To develop a book, workshop, or product that involves the use of this journal provided that I am notified of what you are doing in advance, given a chance to participate, and credit for the work I have done.

You Do NOT Have My Permission

1) To sell this journal to anyone else.
2) To host this content on your website or use it to drive traffic to your site.
3) To alter the content except by adding journal entries.
4) To claim the content as your own.
5) To profit from the content or use it in a commercial endeavor without including me in the opportunity.
6) To use it without notifying me. I want to know how things are going with your journaling. I would like to interview you, and I would like the opportunity to share your results with others.

Please Be Respectful

The free content I offer you took me time and effort to create. Please be respectful of that. Don’t take advantage of the opportunity.

Let Me Know How It Works

What did the journal do for you? Did it help you to achieve your goals? What were your results? Please be honest. Let me know what you think I could do to improve it or make it better for you. I want to hear from you.

Feedback Is the Greatest Reward

Your honest feedback is the best way to reward an author for the work they do for you. When I hear from you that my product or my service improved your life, I am encouraged to continue making products or creating things that will allow you to achieve more and do more with your life. A few minutes time is worth so much to me.


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