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The Write Time Exercises

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A workbook for eBook readers of The Write Time

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Designed to accompany The Write Time eBook, this workbook provides plenty of room to record your answers to each exercise.

Keep it together

No more searching for that notebook or scrap piece of paper where you happened to record your last answers so you can move on to the next. No more hunting through computer files to figure out where you saved it. Everything is here in one convenient place. Keep it stored with your ebook reader for the ultimate in portable convenience.

No more wasted time

Sized perfectly for a purse or backpack, it’s easy to carry the exercises with you and complete them anytime you have a few minutes to spare. Time is never wasted when you have the exercises at hand.

Ideal for classrooms

Buy the eBook version for the teacher and the workbooks for each student, and save $100 or more per classroom. Read the lesson aloud as the students record their answers in the workbooks.

Keep your paperback clean

If you have the paperback version of The Write Time, purchasing the exercises to go along with it will increase its lifespan. You can write your answers in the workbook and keep your paperback book in pristine condition. If you need a refresher of the material, or want to let a friend borrow it, you don’t have to worry about the answers you put down influencing the answers you have now. Plus, if you ever decide to sell the used version to someone else, keeping it clean will increase its resale value.

Ready made blog material

When you’re ready to begin blogging about your writing experience, these original workbook entries can become some of the very first blog entries you do, helping motivate and inspire your fans as they watch you learn to take control of your time. It’s a record of your past that just might provide invaluable inspiration later.

Easy to use, easy to find

There’s nothing complicated. All you need is a pen or pencil and you’re ready to go. The cover matches the ebook, so you won’t have trouble distinguishing it from other books you might have around the house. It’s everything you need to get started finding all the time you need to write that next book.


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