VIP Intensives

A VIP Intensive Session is a great way to get your book out of your head and onto the page faster than you ever dreamed possible. They come in three formats: Half-Day, Single Day, or Two Day VIP Sessions. These intensives are perfect for busy career professionals who know that the road to becoming an authority in their industry begins with becoming an author. Your book can literally go from chapter one to rough draft in the space of a week’s time! How quickly it comes together depends on you, on your time investment, and on your drive to complete it.

Makes Writing Your Book As Easy and Painless as Coffee With a Friend

The atmosphere in a VIP session is relaxed. You’re not being interrogated. You’re sitting down with someone who sincerely cares about you and is interested in knowing about you, about your life, about what you think and feel, and about what matters to you. This person isn’t here to get the dirt on you. She’s here to root for your success and help you turn whatever mess may be in your past into a powerful message that will transform the lives of the people who read it.

What You Will Receive For Your Money

* A copy of the recording to use in helping you to promote your upcoming book
* The transcribed and edited rough draft of your story, ready for you to review within 7 days of the conclusion of our VIP session.
* A whole new way of looking at yourself, your life, and what you’ve managed to achieve with it

Your story’s transcription won’t make for great reading, although it will make for entertaining listening. However, it will need help becoming a story. That’s what I’ll be providing you with the when you purchase your VIP session. A story that people will enjoy reading and recordings that people will find entertaining to hear.

Half-Day Session (3 Hours) $450

We’ll record your story over 3 hours, getting as much of the story out of you as possible. When we’re done with our session, it will be transcribed, edited, and sent back to you for you to review. If you like it the way it is – great! If not, you ask for corrections and changes and those get made. Then you can either choose to move forward by booking another session, or you can add to the content yourself.

Single Day Session (6 hours) $850

If you can spare one day, the majority of your story can be gotten out of you in two 3-hour time blocks. We’ll take a break in between sessions so you can get a drink or make food or whatever else you need to do, and then come back to finish up with another round.

Two Day VIP Intensive (12 hours) $1600

If you are serious about getting your book out into the world and done in one week, this is the package for you. Your story will come together in four 3-hour recorded sessions with one-hour breaks between them so that you can refuel and rehydrate. By the time we are done you will have enough recorded material that we can pull a complete 60,000-word story out of the interviews.

Ready to Get Started? Jumpstart Your Book!

Before we can book your VIP Intensive session, I will need to schedule a one-hour Jumpstart session for you. The cost is $100 and will be applied to the VIP intensive session of your choice. During the Jumpstart session, we will map a plan for your book, outline it, and get a feel for the kind of story you want to tell. This Jumpstart session also gives us both a chance to see whether or not we are a good fit for working together. You will come away with a single page synopsis you can use for the back of your book, an outline for getting your story out there, and a path forward. Book yours today!