40 Day Writer Reality TV Show

40 Day Writer Reality TVImagine it: 40 writers compete over 40 days to finish, polish, & pitch their manuscripts to big 5 publishers who compete, Shark Tank style, for the rights to publish them. That’s the premise of 40 Day Writer Reality TV.

The Market

According to an article in the Huffington Post, “pollsters report more than 80 percent of Americans would like to be an author.” TED Talk speaker and game developer Jane McConigal cited the figure at 90% of young people during a talk she gave at BookExpo America.

Compare that figure with the 57% of Americans who would choose to start their own business, according to Gallup polls. Despite the lack of interest by 43% of Americans in starting their own business, Shark Tank has remained a highly rated show for over 8 seasons.

Now, imagine combining the two audiences. Give writers the inside peek at the publishing industry, what it really takes to make it, and what a writer has to go through in order to get past the gauntlet of agents and editors to make it to being a New York Times Best Seller.

The Process

Most of the screening process for the 40 Day Writer Reality TV series could be handled entirely online.

Stage 1: Tweet the concept using #40DayWriterTV. Those tweets that get the most likes, shares, and retweets will be invited to participate in round 2.

Stage 2: Release a 30 Second “commercial” for the book on YouTube. Top shares and likes get invited to participate in round 3.

Stage 3: Put a single page synopsis up on the 40 Day Writer TV Facebook Fan Page. Top shares, likes, and comments are invited to participate in round 4.

Stage 4: Those who make it to this round will be invited to a teleseminar that will explain requirements for participation, benefits of continuing on the journey, and what the next stages will be. Writers must submit a query letter to TV@40daywriter.com that offers: a paragraph about the book, a paragraph about the author, a paragraph about the market & the competition, and a paragraph with the author’s ideas for how they will help promote both 40 Day Writer reality TV and their book before, during, and after the show. They must also pay a $2500 entry fee. (Note: If the crowdfunding campaign is successful, we will not charge the fee. We will reduce the amount charged for the entry fee by $250 for every $250,000 we raise).

Stage 5: Writers will be asked to submit a 5-page book outline along with a 3-page business plan that expands on their prior submissions. The top 120 will be asked to sign formal non-disclosure agreements and will be invited to participate in a webinar in which they will meet the preparation team, find out what is expected of them and when, as well as what they will receive out of the deal. The top 40 will be invited to the show, with the remaining 80 held as backups in case the top 40 can’t fulfill the agreements for some reason.

Show Filming

Top 40 submissions will be invited to the 40-day retreat. There will be elimination rounds every 4 days.

Stage 5: During the first three days, participants will be led through a very intensive examination of their own personal stories and will record a 10-minute video biography. On Day 4, those biographies will be placed online for followers to vote on their favorites. Judges will also review the biographies and make the determination on which 4 contestants out of the 40 are eliminated.

Stage 6: Participants begin writing their story. Every 3 days they must submit 15,000 words of their book for review by judges. On day 4, judges will go over the entries and determine which 4 contestants are eliminated until there are only 8 contestants left.

Stage 7: 4 days before the end of the 40, completed manuscripts are handed over to the publishers for them to review while contestants are coached on preparing a comprehensive marketing and promotions plan to present to publishers.

Stage 8: Presentations are delivered to the publishers who then compete for the rights to publish.

The Benefits of This Process

As a writer, participating in the process of this competition is its own reward. You gain the chance for exposure to a large fan base and to get your book idea out in front of people where you can gain feedback. There are no losers. Everyone gets more exposure for themselves than they would ordinarily.

As a publisher, you walk away KNOWING that there is an audience and a following already in place for the book you’re choosing to publish. You have people ready and waiting to buy copies as soon as they are available for pre-order.

As a reader, you get behind-the-scenes insights into how writers think and what the work is that goes into the stories you read.

Furthermore, the American public becomes more educated about the behind-the-scenes aspects of publishing. The mystery behind what it takes to make best-seller status is removed, and you generate a smarter, savvier, better-prepared crop of writers for publishers to choose from whether or not they choose to use the show as their launching pad.

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