About Us

40 Day Writer is dedicated to helping writers of all stages with the tools and the resources they need to succeed.  Whether their goal is to finish their first book or their fiftieth, write a single book or make a career of it, 40 Day Writer is here to help.

Support from someone who has been there

Author Brandy M. Miller knows what it is like to be a beginner without a single finished manuscript to her name, and she knows what it is like to struggle to transform her books into a successful business. She enjoys using her gift for teaching to help those who need it most.

Experience you can trust

In addition to successfully publishing three books of her own, Brandy has helped several members of her local writers group find the inspiration to finish their first manuscripts. She knows the steps involved in self-publishing from formatting the manuscript to creating the book cover and beyond.

Books, videos, classes, coaching, and more

40 Day Writer specializes in providing the training, tools, and technology you need to get your book started and keep it going strong through the end. Browse the shop to find the items you need, or contact us for more information.

Fast, reliable service

When you don’t have time to waste, 40 day writer is the place. I pride myself in working quickly and efficiently to meet your needs. Inquiries are responded to within 24 hours, and book covers can be created in as little as 72 hours from start to finish.

Your success is our success

At 40 Day Writer, we believe that we succeed when you do. We are committed to providing you the help you need, and we want to hear from you. If we’ve done our job well, and you’ve published a book, let us know.  If we’ve failed in some way, your feedback is appreciated.

Results guaranteed

If you buy our books, tools, or technology, follow the system prescribed, and haven’t gotten the results we promised, we will give you a full refund. All we ask is that you send us copies of your completed exercises so we can be sure you’ve gotten what you paid to receive.

Stop dreaming, and start writing

Don’t let your dream of finishing a book die. Browse our blog, peruse our shop, sign up for our newsletter, or contact us today for a FREE consultation.