The Transformational Author Program

“I’ve secretly always wanted to write a book.”

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Someone who has always wanted to write a book but was stopped by the question, “Who would want to read what I write?” or maybe, like my friend Mary, you didn’t know where to start or how to end it if you did start it. Or, maybe you’re more like my friend, Heather, who found time to be her biggest challenge. If so, keep reading.

Who Would Want To Read My Book?

There are millions of books out there and new ones printed every day. It is easy to wonder how your book could stand up and compete against all of those books out there, but I’m here to reassure you that your life provides you plenty of unique, authentic wisdom that no one else can claim. How do I know that? Because nobody in history has ever lived the life you’ve lived. Nobody else has the unique combination of skills, talents, gifts, education, and experiences that you do. No one can offer others the perspective that you can, and that makes yours valuable no matter how many others there are out there.

Every New Perspective Moves Us Closer To the Truth

There’s a folk tale in India about 12 blind gurus who are asked to describe an elephant. Each one offers the insight on that elephant based on what they can touch and smell. Each is different. To get to the truth about what the elephant is, they must combine their insights and share them.

Your insight into life is equally valuable. It isn’t the whole truth, but every time we share our experiences and wisdom, the world comes closer to finding the whole truth. Every time that we read someone else’s story and look at the world through their eyes, we are given the gift of being able to broaden our own point-of-view just a little bit more so that we can see more of the world around us. You don’t need to be an industry-recognized expert to have something of value to offer. You simply have to be you.

The Power of Your Voice

I was just seven years old on the day my mother drove me home from school and asked me to let her know if there was anyone who had ever touched me in a way that made me feel uncomfortable. I took a risk and told her about the things my stepfather was doing when she wasn’t home.

My stepfather terrified me. He was prone to fits of violent anger and was fond of terrorizing us with his leather belt. I knew if he found out I would become a target, but I also knew this was maybe the only chance I’d have to make the abuse stop, so I took it.

Nothing happened. Nothing changed.

Until three weeks later when he cornered me in the den and confronted me on what I’d done. I was afraid he was going to use his belt, but he didn’t. Instead, he told me he would end up going to jail if I ever told anyone about this again. My mom, my siblings, and I would all end up on the streets because my mom was dependent on him for money. I knew he was telling me the truth. Those things would happen. However, I saw something else, too. This man, who was probably at least 185 pounds heavier and most definitely twice my height, was afraid of me. He was afraid of my story. He was afraid of what would happen to him if I told the truth.

Most abused children believe the abuser. They allow themselves to be intimidated into silence and that allows the abuse to continue. I can’t tell you why, but this moment motivated me to talk more and to talk more often.

It would take me two and a half more years before I found someone to listen and make the abuse stop, but I did. Because of me, because I talked, he was put in a place where he couldn’t hurt us anymore. But that’s not the end of that story. Because I talked, he got the help he needed to stop being the man who terrified us. He was able to change his life and transform it, too.

Maybe nothing that traumatic has ever happened in your life, but I tell you this story for a reason. A thousand times a day in our society right now, you are being programmed to believe that you do not matter. Your vote doesn’t matter, your voice doesn’t matter, and the only people that matter are those in power. I am here to tell you that this is simply not true.

Your story and your voice are powerful things. They have the power to transform lives and to change hearts. They can bridge gaps between people and force them to confront the things they are doing that are sick or unhealthy to themselves or others.

However, until you find the courage to step up and share those things, they do neither you nor anyone else any good. I want to encourage you to think about this: What story do you need to tell? What story have you been holding onto that can make a difference in someone else’s life? It’s time.

The Hardest Story To Tell Is Your Own

If you’re still reading, that means you’re at least entertaining the idea, and I’m glad that you are. However, I am going to be completely transparent with you. If you decide to seek my help in telling your story, we’re going to be going through those areas of your life that you’ve locked away and hidden from sight because you are worried about what people will think if they discover the truth about who you are and what you’ve done. You’re going to be walking right back through all those moments that cut you to the core, the moments that you just want to forget and never revisit again. Why? Because that is where the greatest pearls of wisdom lie waiting.

I don’t recommend going on that journey alone. It’s too easy to talk yourself out of it. You need someone to hold you accountable to your dreams and to the plans you have of making a difference in the world.

You also need a pair of eyes that are fresh to the scene to look at the characters in it objectively. You’ll need help assessing the value of the pearl once you do find it, a pair of experienced eyes to tell you what it’s worth and whether to hold onto it or let it go.

Your Mess Becomes Your Message

Inside of every moment of pain that’s in your past, every time someone hurt you and you learned to heal, every time you failed and you got back up to try again, every time that you struggled and fought to overcome a weakness, every time that you accomplished something great against the odds, and every time that you finally succeeded after all those moments of failure, frustration, and discouragement – you gained a new story to tell. Your mess becomes an opportunity to share a message of hope, healing, and transformation with someone else.

My past is messy. I’ve been abandoned, abused, and betrayed. I’ve failed so many times in my life at the things I tried to do that there have been moments I’ve curled up in a ball and wanted to die. I am not at the end of my story, but my past is my power. It’s what gives me the strength to stand in my truth and the empathy I need to be able to walk this journey with you and understand the struggles you will be going through as you work through your mess and turn it into a message.

But I Want to Write Fiction…

It doesn’t matter what you want to write whether it is fiction, non-fiction, or a how-to book, getting in touch with your own story is the foundation for writing your very best work. That’s where you will find your voice as an author. That’s where you will find the catalog of life experiences that allow you to “write what you know” so your work comes across as authentic and genuine rather than a pale, faded copy of someone else’s work. It’s where you will find the things that allow you to connect deeply and personally with the reader of your story.

But My Book Isn’t About Me!

A well-written book isn’t about the author at all, even when it’s an autobiography, biography, or memoir. It’s about the reader and their journey. Focusing on the reader and the journey they are taking from where they are to where they want to be is how you choose the stories that will help them make sense of the information you’re giving them about how to get there. Identifying your story – the one that led you on your journey to the place where you’re ready to share this book with them and help them on their journey – is what helps you understand what struggles they are likely to encounter and to anticipate the difficulties involved in taking the information you’re providing and applying it to their lives so they can experience the transformation you want them to make.

I’ve Got an Idea But I Don’t Know If It’s Worth Pursuing

One of my students, Barbara, came to me with this exact problem. She didn’t want to waste her time and energy on writing a book that nobody was going to read. That’s smart! Always, always, before you write the book take the time to find out whether it’s something that other people will want to read. The worst mistake you can make is investing countless hours and thousands of dollars on something that no one else wants to read.

Thirty minutes of research later, I was able to reassure her that not only was there a huge market for the kind of book she wanted to write, but that there was room for her in that market. People were interested in that topic and it was a potential money maker.

I Want to Write, But I Don’t Think I’m Any Good

Maybe you’re like my student, Nancy. When she came to me, she was nervous and afraid. She wasn’t sure her writing was any good. She’d actually been told by some writing critic 10 years earlier that she had no talent and shouldn’t quit her day job! She’d allowed those words to stop her from writing for many, many years. Let me tell you, that writing critic was WRONG! She’s an amazing writer and I’ve been privileged to help her work through her story to create her first book, Rooted in Nature, which came out in January 2017.

Truthfully, as long as you continue to hide your work, you will never know how good your writing is and you will never be able to get the feedback you need to improve it. That’s the sad truth. I can’t tell you how good your writing is until I see it. No one can. If you’ve been hiding your work until now, I strongly encourage you to join our free Facebook writers group. Put your writing out there. Let your voice be heard. Get the feedback you need.

Even if you aren’t personally that good, it’s not a problem that can’t be overcome. I do offer VIP intensives as well. We can record your story over 12 hours, which I will then transcribe and edit for you to review. That’s how one of my clients, Suria Sparks, was able to get the rough draft of her book completed in just one month. How long the finished version takes is up to you. If that’s something you’re interested in pursuing, you’ll need to schedule a jump start session first. The cost of the jump start session will be applied to the VIP Intensive of your choice.

My Kind of Writer…

If you’re still here, I’m going to guess that you are my kind of writer. You don’t just want to write a book, you feel called to write it, but you’re feeling uncertain about where or how to begin. You may have even tried to start this book a few times but haven’t gotten very far. You’re stuck and you are at a place where you recognize that you can’t keep doing this all by yourself. You’re ready to step up and claim your power to make a difference by sharing your story with the world.

Making a difference in the world is important to you. You want to leave a lasting legacy, and know that generations from now will be able to read your words and find inspiration in them. However, your doubts about yourself and your abilities have been holding you back and you’re ready to get help moving forward.

Most of all, you care about others, you believe in the power of words to transform lives, and you’re willing to put in the work it takes to bring good things into the world.

However, you may feel like nobody listens to you. That leads you to doubting that you have anything worth saying. You sometimes wonder if what you do really matters because you’re not seeing a whole lot of evidence of that. You know there is so much more that you could, and should, be doing with your life but you don’t see an opportunity to change things. You’re tired of living one way for work, another way for your social life, and still a third way for home.

You are ready to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight. You’re ready to stop compartmentalizing yourself and integrate the many parts of you into one authentic and vibrant whole. You’re ready to step up, speak out, and make yourself heard.

Developing the Transformational Author Program

When I first created this program last May, I will admit I made some mistakes. For one, I packed way too much content into far too short a time period. My students were drowning in the information I was providing. They were amazed by it, and delighted to be receiving the help, but it was too much to digest. That’s why I always recommend testing your content before you release it to the world. You need to know what its flaws and its strengths are so you can revise it and put out the better version.

The second thing I learned was that this class was POWERFUL. It was helping my students to take their past stories and rewrite them with a positive spin, and that was leading them to develop a new confidence in themselves and their value. To know your story is to know your true value.

It confirmed for me something else: we needed to apply that same approach to book writing. Authors and publishers are the only groups who do not do research and testing BEFORE investing in developing a product. We tend to create first and ask questions later, rather than thinking about the market first and THEN building a product to fit it.

Re-Introducing the Program

For the past few months, I’ve been considering re-opening the Transformational Author Program, but I’ve been hesitating. I knew that, as good as the program was, I could make it better. I needed to make it even better than it was. I was telling my students that they needed to be building their audience from the very beginning, but I didn’t have a real plan in place to help them do that. Sure, I provided instruction on social media channels, but I didn’t have a firm plan in place to get them the exposure they really needed to make it. I also wanted to improve the level of support I was ready to provide.

Now, I have all the pieces of that puzzle in place to deliver an outstanding value. Here is what you will receive:

* 12 weeks of instruction in the business of being an author; developing an audience and converting them from fans into fan-atics that will help promote your work to the world; developing and implementing a writing plan (and what to do when things don’t go according to plan); strategies to serve more people, make more money, and do more with your content with less effort, time, and stress than you thought possible; and finally – how to create compelling scenes that will have readers itching to turn pages.

* With your first payment, you will receive a deluxe portable writer’s kit and instructions for use to help you stay on track with your writing. Every six weeks after that, you will receive a new care package from me with goodies to help you keep going and tackle the challenges you are facing.

* Automatic one-year enrollment in the Transformational Authors Club

* Access to a private Facebook group built just for you and the other members of this program so you can share your work and get the feedback of your fellow transformational authors

* Weekly group meetings in addition to the weekly Transformational Author Club meetings

* Twice a month one-hour personal strategy sessions so we can tackle those big challenges that may come up as you write.

* Email feedback and support

* Regular support in promoting your book and yourself as a writer boosting your ability to form an audience

* Guidance in the steps needed to self-publish if that is your choice

* Assistance in researching your competition and locating potential agents and publishers if that is the route you choose to go.

* Launch planning development

* Extended products planning session

* Competition research assistance

Testimonials from My Students

“Ooh Brandy! Where to start?! Yes I am the blessed one to have been in Danny’s 5 day course, and was totally keen on connecting with you shortly after!

I then listened to a 1 hour webinar you presented within days or a couple of weeks after Danny’s. When listening to you had several things to say that I had heard from other authors or people wanting to sell their courses.

For many years I’ve thought that I should write a book, but really did not have a clue on how to even start!

When I asked those others a simple question in terms of the writing genre I was contemplating doing I never had an answer back?! What on earth was wrong with people I had thought!

At the end of your webinar you gave a small piece of homework… yes, I really wanted to do it, but time got away with the work world. Thank God you connected with me again and gave me the homework again… I sent it in and not long after I had signed up for your course…

I am the one “lagging” behind in your course, as my life is always busy with something… but I kept on working through it and am still in the process!!!

What a journey this has been! When I was stuck, really stuck you somehow found a way for me to get out of my quagmire!!!

Writing my Story has truly become a very interesting journey… other events in my current life have pointed out other hidden or long-forgotten bits and pieces, so I’ve realized that what I have called my story until a few weeks ago is truly not yet done. Of course, this may set me back a bit, but it is part of the whole so I will not leave it undone!

Truly at this point, I have not yet completely decided who my actual audience is to be, but I know it will come together.

You have never given up on me, never given me static, but rather have treated me with the greatest kindness, even when you were prodding me along…One thing I do KNOW, and that is that I am blessed to have you as my writing coach!!!” – Barbara Portmann

I loved the course you ran! First off, you got me writing again after a long period of absence from what I love soooo much.

And yes, valid points, to think of who you want to serve, what people will gain the most from your work and how your work can help them out…and yes, I’ve told you my head hurts when you push me to do those things that are crucial to success…but I’ve learned so much from these gentle proddings…thank you Brandy Miller, you are a true writing coach and you put forth some great ideas and information…

Ready to Sign Up?

If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing and you are the kind of person who is willing to make a commitment to themselves, to me, and to their writing, I am taking enrollments now. Classes begin April 3rd, 2017. However, there is something you need to understand. This is a commitment. I will be showing up every week and YOU must show up, too.

A $25,000 value for just $2,500

Over these 12 weeks, you will be getting $25,000 worth of value:
$15,000 worth of instruction, support, and training materials
$5,000 worth of private strategy sessions designed to help you achieve your personal goals
$5,000 worth of promotional support throughout our time together and beyond!

$2,500 that could make you $25,000

It’s not likely that your book will get you a $250,000 advance. However, you don’t have to wait for the book to be finished to begin making money from it. If you like to host fun or educational events for others, you could take your book content and turn it into a single day seminar charging just $100 per person. If you can get 25 people to attend, you’ve made the money for this course. If you can repeat that for 10 months, you’ve made $25,000. I’m not saying that is going to happen for you. I am saying, though, that you could make it happen if that’s what you desire to do.

That’s just one of the topics we’ll be covering over these ten months.

Payment Plans Are Available

I understand that coming up with $2,500 may not be something you can do today. If you can put down just $500, I can hold your spot. We can set up a schedule to automatically charge you $250 a month starting the second week in January.

Promotional Assistance Provided

Remember when I told you that I knew my students needed more help with their promotional work and that I’d devised a plan to deliver on that need? Allow me to explain it to you.

You will be tasked with writing a minimum of 5000 words per week (715 words or roughly two typewritten page per day) AND recording a 30-minute webcam video about what you’ve written, what your struggles were in writing it, and what you’ve accomplished each week. These will be published on my 40 Day Writer YouTube channel. I will be reading and recording your work as it comes along and posting that work for people to hear. This is how we will work together to start building interest in your story.

I will also be helping you to promote your work on Facebook and Twitter, too.

You will be meeting deadlines because I will be meeting deadlines. Our audience will be counting on us to deliver, and if we fail them, we will lose them. Accountability is important. They have to know we will be there when we say we will be there.

My Guarantee

If you do all of the homework you’re assigned to do and you show up when you are supposed to show up, do the work you’re supposed to do, and participate in the group, I will promise you that I will keep working with you until you get your story finished and out there even if it takes you longer than 12 weeks. By the time we finish working together, you will have a book you can be proud of having written and you will be confident that you know how to take that book and leverage it to your advantage.

Schedule Your Interview

I do not want to take just anyone into this program. I need people who are serious about their work and are ready to take it to the next level, because I am. If you think it might be a good fit for you and you know that you can make that kind of commitment, schedule your interview today.

Not Quite Ready for an Intense Program?

I completely understand if the thought of making that kind of commitment scares you. The me of four years ago would have found it terrifying, too. That’s why I do offer a far less expensive and less intensive Transformational Authors Club. You’ll get some incredible training in that group, too.