The Transformational Authors Club

Transformational Authors ClubYou are bold enough to believe that what you have to say can make a difference in this world. You don’t want to write a book. You want to write the world a better place. You are willing to commit yourself to a plan and follow through on making things happen once you believe that plan will work. You know yourself well enough to know you need someone to hold you accountable or you won’t get things done. You’re the kind of person who shows up, contributes, and adds value to a community once you become part of it.

You Face Many Challenges

You believe what you say matters, but you don’t know how to make yourself heard. You’re searching for a plan that you can believe in and stick to. Your life is so hectic and busy you sometimes wonder if you’ll ever be able to find the time to write that book that’s screaming at you it needs to be written. You contribute, but sometimes it feels like nobody’s contributing in return and that makes you feel discouraged and ready to give up. You see yourself as the kind of writer who could make a difference if someone, somewhere could just show you the way forward.

Introducing the Transformational Authors Club

I have faced these same challenges and struggles myself. That’s why I’ve created a place for you to express yourself and get the feedback you need. I spent the last four years creating tools, training, and the knowledge you need to help you get from chapter one to done. I’m willing to share with you my strategies for reclaiming your time (and your sanity!) so you can get more writing done. This is a place where you can also find encouragement, support, and resources to help keep you going when you’re ready to quit and give in on your dreams. It’s also a place where you can find a roadmap to unlocking your hidden superpowers (we all have them!) so you can save the world the way that you were born to do.

What the Transformational Authors Club Includes

You’ll gain access to an exclusive, members-only Facebook group so you can join with other authors who are also interested in striking out on this same journey. You’ll get exclusive access to the beta versions of the training programs that I’m creating so you can be the first to benefit from them and help to shape them along the way. We’ll be pulling in publishing industry experts and insiders to share strategies and tips, and we’ll have live weekly calls to help you stay accountable, get over your biggest writing challenges, and gain the insights you need to make progress on your book. I will also be lending you my support in promoting your book so you can make the difference you know you were born to make when that book is finally ready to launch.

What Does It Cost?

Great question! I normally charge $100 for an hour’s consultation, but my memberships are only $49.95 for an entire month’s worth of help and support. Plus, I’m going to give you some really special offers today that will make saying yes even easier.

SPECIAL OFFER #1: $1 for the first month

You might not know me very well, and $49.95 can seem like a lot of money to spend when you’re not sure of the results you’re going to get. That’s why I invite you to take advantage of my special offer. You get your first 30 days for just $1. You can cancel at any time if you find you’re not getting the value you’d hoped to receive out of the program.

Special Offer 2: $99 today, $49.95 a month after 90 days

This is a really awesome deal. You’re going to get your first month totally free and the next payment won’t come for another two months. PLUS, as my way of saying thank you for taking a leap of faith, I’m going to send you a copy of my book, The Write Time: How to find all the time you need to write a book. I’ll even autograph your copy for you.

Special Offer 3: $199 today, $49.95 a month after 6 months

I believe in rewarding people who take big leaps of faith with big gifts. That’s why, if you choose to purchase a six-month subscription today, I’ll be giving you TWO months free PLUS sending you your very own Deluxe Portable Writing Kit AND a copy of The Write Time: How to find all the time you need to write a book. It’s my way of saying “Thank you” and jump starting you on your journey to writing the world a better place.

Special Offer 4: $449 today, $49.95 a month after one year

This is hands-down THE best offer of all. You’re going to get three months subscription service for free, PLUS a FREE copy of The Write Time: How to Find All the Time You Need to Write a Book AND your very own Portable Writer’s Kit will be shipped to your door PLUS a one hour one-on-one planning session so we can map out your book and get you primed and ready for the new year. It’s an incredible value worth $700 for less than $450.

Buy One for You and One for a Friend

Every journey is better when you bring a friend, and gifting someone a subscription is a great way to support them in their journey to becoming a transformational author. Just think – for less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can help move them forward in a big way. And, who knows, maybe they’ll dedicate that finished book to you! All you have to do in order to gift a subscription is to send an email to and let me know the paypal email address you used to purchase that subscription, the name and email address (and address if I’m shipping things) to the person you want receiving it and I’ll take care of the rest.

Looking for Hands-On Help?

There are two ways you can get more hands-on help with your writing. The first is my Transformational Authors Program. It’s a 10 month program designed to give you my full attention and support in getting that first book finished, polished, and ready to present to the world. I am very choosy about whom I am willing to take on board for that program. The second is my ghostwriting services. Those require a one-hour intake interview before we can proceed.