Write Your Book Masterclass

Write Your Book: A Masterclass To Get You On Your Way From Chapter One to Done

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Your problem: You Don’t Have a Book

You have a book in your head that you haven’t written but know you need to write. You are incredible at what you do and have life experience worth passing on to the next generation. You’ve built a following and a reputation for excellence in your field. You have a track record for delivering results. More importantly, you genuinely care about making a positive difference in this world and you believe your story can do that.

The Solution: Write One.

You know what you need to do. The solution, as to most things in life is simple: Write the book already. However, simple and easy are not the same thing. Knowing what to do is not enough. There’s more to the puzzle than that.

The Obstacles: Time. Energy. Expertise.

You’re busy. You work a lot of hours every day. You have people whose lives depend on you doing what you do. You barely have a minute to breathe, let alone time to write a book. In fact, just the thought of writing it makes you wilt a little inside.


By the time you get through with your day, all you want to do is relax. You don’t want to sit down and think. You don’t want to add more to your plate. You don’t have the energy to do anything else.


You can string together a few sentences. You can maybe even manage a blog post. However, writing books is not your specialty. You have no idea how to take a manuscript and turn it into a published book. You wouldn’t know where to begin, and even if you did get finished, you wouldn’t know how to publish it.

You’ve Put It Off Long Enough

Writing a book does not have to take you years or even months. You can write a very thorough book in 10-minute bursts if you are prepared with all the tools you need to take full advantage of every second of the time available to you. I will show you how.

You Can Learn To Write It Yourself

I developed a universal formula for writing any kind of book you want to write that will allow you to write a book that sells because you will begin with the reader in mind, rather than trying to figure out who your reader is after you’ve published it. The step-by-step formula doesn’t just work for books. It works for blogs, articles, and anything else you may need to write in the future. It’s the same formula I use with my upper-end clients who pay me several hundred dollars for a few hours of my time.


This system is so effective, in fact, that I was able to use it to finish a 40,000-word book in just two 12 hour days of writing. Imagine being able to whip out a book a week instead of a book a year!

By The Time You Leave My Masterclass, You Will Have:

1) A single page synopsis of your book idea in hand, ready to use on the back of the book, in your marketing, on your website, or to submit to a traditional publisher. Most authors will tell you this is the area where they struggle the most. After you leave my class, you will never find this part a struggle again.


2) A well-crafted, complete outline of your book that you can use to capture those 10-minute windows of writing opportunity and instructions on how to use that outline to get more writing done in less time than you ever thought possible.


3) First-hand experience with the system I use to write all of my books. You’ll know exactly how it works and how to make the most of it.

The class will be 8 hours long. Each session will be 45 minutes in length with a 15-minute break for questions or restroom needs. There will be an hour break in between the first half and the second half so you can grab lunch, take care of anything else needed, and come back ready to learn.

Session 1: Understand Why People Buy

Until you understand why someone buys a book – any book – you will struggle to sell yours. This session is critical to understanding not only the logic behind buying behavior but how to position your book for success.

Session 2: Develop the Roadmap for Your Reader

Writing a book, even a fiction book, is about taking a reader on a journey from a problem they have to a result they desire. We’ll outline the steps of this journey and what you are going to offer them in your book.

Session 3: Introduce the Characters

Even non-fiction books have characters. We will talk about the six primary characters that appear in every book and the roles they play in helping the reader achieve the results they desire.

Session 4: Build the Outline

Equipped with the roadmap and the characters, you now have enough information to create a working outline for your book.

Lunch Break

Session 5: Expand the Outline

Take your original outline and expand on it. Flesh out more of the details so that when you begin writing, you don’t have to guess what should be written. You know.

Session 6: Define the Elements

Time, actions, settings, objects, and events are all elements that add interest, move the story forward, and provide necessary information to help the reader understand what’s happening and why. We’ll talk about where to add these things and the roles they serve in helping the reader to get the results they desire – and then some!

Session 7: Add the Details

It’s the little things that add up to make a story – whether non-fiction, fiction, or memoir – compelling. We’ll discuss mood, tone, pacing, dialogue, and lighting and how they impact the reader’s experience.

Session 8: Overcome the Obstacles

In this session, we’ll talk about all the things that are likely to come between you and your writing and strategies you can use to overcome those. Time, Writer’s Block, Doubts & Discouragement, Critics, and Naysayers, and all the other things that might keep you from becoming a success will all be covered in this session.

Class Details

The class will be held June 16th and will begin at 9 am MST and end at 6 pm. The class will be held live online and attendees will be provided a link to the class in an email once they have registered. Each session will be recorded. Access to those recordings will be made available for free one week after the masterclass to attendees. They will also be given a free copy of my book, The Write Time: How To Find All The Time You Need To Write A Book, with every registration.

There will only be 20 spots available for this first class. Once those spots are closed, I will place anyone interested in attending a class on a wait list for the next class. Do not miss your opportunity to get this valuable information.

Upgrades Available

I am offering two special upgrades for those who attend this class. The first option is that I will create a personalized portable writing kit to ship directly to you in time for the class. It will have all the tools you need to make the most of your writing time plus instructions on how to use it. That optional upgrade is an additional $50.
The second upgrade option is that after the class is over, I will take the synopsis you created during your class time and I will conduct market research on your genre and category to find out who your competition is, where your ideal niche lies, and how you can position your book in the marketplace. That is normally a $200 value but I am offering it to my class attendees for only $150 extra AND if you order this upgrade, I will add the personalized portable writing kit at no extra charge. It is a terrific bargain and well worth the investment. Shipping is

Available Upgrades