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No matter where you are in the writing process, 40 Day Writer is here to help you get what you need to make progress on the book you’ve been dreaming of writing. Author Brandy M. Miller has successfully helped authors just like you to achieve their dream of writing a book, and she can help you, too.

When you don’t know where to start

It’s frustrating when you know you want to write a book but you just don’t know where to start. You’ve come up with ideas, but none of them really seems to inspire you to write. You’re starting to wonder if your book will ever come to be.

When you’re stuck on chapter five

You find an idea and the inspiration begins to flow. You’re moving along effortlessly until you hit writer’s block at chapter five. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t get back into the groove you had, so you move on to the next idea hoping that time and distance will reignite the spark.  Only what you end up with is a hard drive full of beginnings that die at chapter five, and you still don’t know why.

When you’re muddling through the middle

You’ve got a great beginning, you’ve got an outline you love, you even know how you want the story to end. However, getting from the beginning to that perfect ending is a struggle. Things just don’t feel right, but you don’t know how to fix it.

When you’re fumbling the finish

You’ve got a beautiful story, and you’re almost at the finish line, but every ending you write just seems wrong. You put it aside, hoping that you’ll find the perfect inspiration for that big finale, but nothing comes. Months, maybe even years, go by and the manuscript still sits there, waiting for you to return and find its perfect ending so you can finally release it to the people it was meant to reach.

When you’re having trouble finding the time

You’ve been struggling to work in your writing between your work, family, social, and community obligations. Every time you think you’re going to have some free time, something else slides in to take its place and your writing gets pushed back another day. Before too long, years have gone by without you having written a thing. The book you always dreamed of writing seems to drift further and further away from you.

40 Day Writer Can Help

Author Brandy M. Miller has gone through all of these situations and more as she struggled to write her first books.  She knows the tricks and techniques to use to get you past writer’s block, creative solutions to finding time you didn’t know you had in order to finish that book you’ve dreamed of writing, and how to cut through the mental clutter to find the right idea for you and your audience.

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