About the System

Developed over a period of six years, Brandy’s Universal Writing System came as a revelation: Every person experiences problems, and thus every person experiences a hero’s journey as they work to overcome that problem.

The Catalyst for Growth and Change

Problems act as a catalyst, propelling people out of their comfort zones and on the road to growth and change. This is why, even once the problem is resolved, it’s impossible for them to return the same way they came. They aren’t the same person anymore.

Forcing a Confrontation with Weaknesses and Blind spots

The struggle to overcome the problem forces human beings to confront their weaknesses and blind spots. To find the solution, they must not only find the truth but embrace it. Then, they must overcome their fears and doubts in order to apply the solution.

The Three Stages of the Journey

Deconstruction: The Journey’s Beginning

The problem appears. Life for that person begins to fall apart. They scramble to restore their lives to the way things were but despite their best efforts things only get worse. They may be in denial about their problem and its severity. Only when they can stand no more do they eventually move on to the next stage: construction.

Construction: The Journey’s Middle

Now on the road to searching for answers, the future they desire begins to take shape. They begin to meet the right people who help to shape and mold them into the person they must become in order to take possession of the things they truly desire. However, to cross the finish line, they must not only embrace the truth and the solution it offers but apply that solution. This stage takes the longest and is by far the most frustrating for those going through it. They can sense victory at hand, but can’t quite take possession of it.

Occupation: The Journey’s End

Triumph achieved over all that was stopping them, they implement the solution and begin to experience the results of a life free of their past problem. The dream they held is now theirs to claim. They are stronger, wiser, and more self-aware. The old way of life passes away and a new way of being comes to pass.

A Writer’s Journey Is a Hero’s Journey

You’re on a quest to tell an epic story – one that can save lives, shape history, and change the world. Writing will change things for you, even if you’re the only one who ever reads the story. It will lead you to grow in ways you can’t anticipate. You’ll be forced to confront your weaknesses and your blind spots and overcome those. It’s not going to be easy…but a good mentor can make it easier.

When you’re ready to get started…