Content To Course

The secret to making more money with your book is to create more products and services to go with your book. That’s why I am pleased to be able to partner with Path To Publishing to offer our Content To Course service. This process can work for fiction, nonfiction, or memoir. No matter the content, we can work with it.

A Concept To Course Client:

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The Process

Content To Course involves as few as three steps and as many as 12, depending on how far you want our work together to go. The first three steps are included in our basic package for just $5,000, or $500 a month for 12 months.

Our Bronze Package:

1. Outline the Course

Our first step in the process is to get an outline for the content you’re going to use to build your course. If you already have your companion book written, we’ll use your book’s existing table of contents to help guide the outlining session. If you don’t have it written yet, or it doesn’t have a table of contents, we will work together to outline the core content you want covered.

2. Build the Basic Deck

We’ll start by taking your outline and putting it into a slide deck that looks attractive and is branded with your colors, fonts, and logo. If you don’t have those things, we’ll work together to choose colors and fonts that you feel comfortable using. NOTE: This package includes adding text, colors, fonts, and logos only. Ask about upgrading to add/create images, stock photography, etc. 

3. Create the Script

We’ll talk through what you want to say on each slide deck, adding slides where needed, or changing those that exist as we create the script for you to use in recording the course.

Our Silver Package – $10,000

4. Record and Edit Your Script

We’ll get on a Zoom call and I will play your presentation as you read through your script. We’ll then get the recording professionally edited by our Path To Publishing team and return the finished product for you to use.

5. Turn Your Recording Into a Book and eBook manuscript

I will take the audio from your recording, transcribe it, and will turn that into a book and an eBook manuscript of up to 60,000 words (roughly 240 pages). The price includes up to 2 rounds of editing as well as formatting and cover design. Additional rounds of editing can be obtained through Path To Publishing.

Our Gold Package – $25,000

If you want more than a course and you want to turn your content into a full-fledged business, this is the package for you. It begins with:

6. Creating a Promotional Giveaway

Build your email list with a one-sheet promotional giveaway that we can use to attract people to your site and encourage them to take your course without giving away your most valuable content.

7. Creating a Promotional Webinar

Help people understand the value of taking your course, attending your workshop, or buying your book with a one-hour webinar that we will create together.

8. Creating a Workshop

Help course participants go deeper and get more interaction with you through a hands-on workshop. We will take your content and create the itinerary and outline for a full-day workshop as well as create an upsell offer to a coaching program.

9. Creating a Workbook

We’ll work together to create interactive exercises that can help increase the value of your workshop or your course. It can also be offered as an upsell to the course but included as part of the workshop content.

10. Creating an 8-week Coaching Program

Extending the content of your 8-hour workshop to an 8-week coaching program is the goal of this step. We’ll make sure you are equipped with outlines for each week, as well as exercises for the participants, and a way for you to gather feedback about their progress.

11. Creating a 2-Day Retreat

Invite your coaching program participants to relax with you and reflect on the amazing progress they’ve made during this 2-day retreat that follows your coaching program. This is a time for you and your coaching program participants to bond while you add extra value to their lives. We’ll also create a journal that you can give your retreat participants as a gift so they can capture the moment.

12. Creating a Website

You’ll want to have a website of your own to host all your amazing content, advertise your events, workshops, coaching programs, and retreats, as well as promote yourself as a speaker and a business owner. We’ll help you put that together.