• Writing Reality TV/Podcast

    Writing Reality TV/Podcast

    Nine years ago, I thought of creating a reality show for writers where 40 writers would compete over 40 days to finish, polish, and pitch books to publishers, Shark Tank-style. Eight years ago, I first attempted to crowdfund for that show. I failed. People liked the concept. They didn’t trust my ability to execute it. […]

  • 3 Steps to More Profitable Literary Fiction Writing

    It is a typical Wednesday on Twitter. Writers discussing their craft, some bemoaning the challenges of finding literary – let alone financial literary – success, and others offering writers lifts or advice. This was the tweet that caught my attention: @NathanJonesBook And when you try to write literary fiction, you know there’s very little chance […]

  • Put Your Critics To Work For You

    No matter how good you are at what you do, you’re going to meet critics along the way. Even the Lord God Almighty has critics, and you’re not better than He is. It can be hard not to let the critics get to you, but if you let your fears of criticism stop you from […]