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Writing Reality TV/Podcast

Nine years ago, I thought of creating a reality show for writers where 40 writers would compete over 40 days to finish, polish, and pitch books to publishers, Shark Tank-style.

Eight years ago, I first attempted to crowdfund for that show. I failed. People liked the concept. They didn’t trust my ability to execute it.

Seven years ago, I tried crowdfunding again. I put together a team and a pitch deck that was comprehensive. I still failed. I raised just $10 of the million I was trying to raise.

They introduced me to producers and directors in Hollywood. One producer told us the show was too “esoteric” to be interesting to the majority of the public.

She didn’t listen when I told her that 80-90% of people believe they have a book in them even though fewer than 3% will ever produce it.

By contrast, only 60% of Americans see themselves as potential entrepreneurs but Shark Tank has been one of the most popular shows for over nine seasons now.

The director told me I lacked the credentials to interest Hollywood. If they bought the concept, I would receive a bare $100,000 for my show idea and nothing more. Furthermore, the team I’d assembled would be replaced – including me.

We didn’t quit. We didn’t give up.

In 2020, Covid hit. Everyone was on Zoom. The idea was evolving.

This year, thanks to Wilnona, we are producing a stripped-down version of my original concept. 4 writers will compete over 4 weeks to prepare themselves to pitch to publishers who will compete for the rights to their books.

We taped the first episode Friday, August 4th. That episode will be available for viewing on Friday, August 11th. Be watching for the notes about where to find it.

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